Last Day of Class 

Last Day of Class

Woohoo! Last day of philosophy class done! For those who didn't know, I've been taking a class called "Questions in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy" at Fairfield University. I got to take the class for free as part of the Governor's Scholar award (saved something like $1,000 for the class). Class went from June 30 to July 25, Monday through Friday, 10:40 AM to 12:40 PM. Not a good class for me (at least in schedule) because it meant I needed take wake up at 9 AM every morning to commute (and I-95 sucks). I think I'm getting an A- or an A (not that it really matters, since I don't care what grade I get since it's the only class I'll ever take there, and I doubt I can transfer the credit). Anyway, now I can sleep late again and have a REAL summer like I used to.

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