The Final Result...: 

The Final Result...:

After a year of ridiculously large amounts of work, I finally get my AP scores!

US History --- 5
English Language and Composition --- 5
Calculus AB --- 5
Spanish Language --- 4

(Plus last years...)
English Literature and Composition --- 4
European History --- 5

So, for the 2 history scores, the calculus score, and the English language score I get a total of 4 "acceleration credits" at Tufts... though I have no idea what that means. I also found out that I'm applying for sophomore standing according to this grade report... though I don't really remember checking that box, maybe I did it my Junior year and it stayed. In any case, 4 credits sounds like a lot of work saved... (assuming each class is 1 credit... I hope to God it's not 3 per class, or that's a huge amount of work I did for very little).

I also think I'm eligible for these AP Scholar things. I think this qualifies me as an "AP Scholar with Distinction" but it doesn't really do me any good. The site says, "Although there is no monetary award, in addition to receiving an award certificate, this achievement is acknowledged on any grade report that is sent to colleges the following fall." So basically I get a piece of paper and a recommendation to college, should I ever feel the need to apply to Tufts AGAIN next fall. You'd think with all the money collegeboard makes that they might give some scholarship money... I must've personally spent over $500 paying for SAT tests and score reports for AP and SATs sent to colleges I applied to, and I get a piece of paper that says I'm a scholar, and a recommendation to a college I can't even use. It would be cool to be an AP State Scholar (I doubt it though, probably kids in Amity and John Hopkin's who take 10 AP classes and get 5's on all of them), just because there's only 105 total recepients from 2001. That would actually mean something.

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