Boring Day 

Boring Day

All I did today was clean up my desk... I have this one corner next to the monitor where I just throw all my crap (mail, paperwork, change, wallet, cell phone, everything.) and realized I should probably do some work. It's basically one big "in box" of paperwork I haven't done or filled out (I actually found a paycheck buried in there a couple days ago... whoops...). Did some thank-yous to people who sent me money for graduation... some thank-yous to people who did recommendations for scholarships... some paperwork for Tufts (one read, "RESOND WITHIN 7 DAYS OF RECEIPT" and was dated June 2003... another whoops...though I was on vacation when it came, just got left on my desk, buried, forgotten...).

In other news, I found out my first AP Test score, I got a 5 of 5 on American History. Thanks to Dr. B. for calling me up at home, leaving a message to let me know my score. I love the history department at Jonathan Law, they're all so dedicated to teaching... Anyway, still have to find out the other three scores... and I'm debating whether to call the school and see if anyone there received the grade report, call Tufts and ask, or just call the AP number and pay like $15(?) to find out the score(s). The problem is if I call Jonathan Law there's probably no one there, or no one there with the authority to go find my scores (can't imagine asking a janitor to go into guidance and find out) assuming they even received the reports yet. If I call Tufts I'll feel dumb asking because I was the one who had the scores sent to them in the first place... (way to go College Board... don't send me my own scores), and they might not even have the scores yet. If I call the AP number, I don't know what it will cost... $15 per score, or per student (all scores)? It could get pretty expensive if it's something I don't really NEED to know, just WANT to know in advance what scores/exemptions-from-classes-at-Tufts I get.

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