Pirates of the Caribbean 

Pirates of the Caribbean

I was surprised for two reasons seeing this movie:

1) I was going out to see it with some friends and thought we were going to see 28 Days Later, but SURPRISE! when I get there I find out we're seeing this.

2) I didn't expect it to be as good as it was.

This movie had enough plot and action to keep me satisfied, and Orlando Bloom (better known as Legolas of LotR) was actually a good actor to play his role. Johnny Depp was even better as Captain Jack Sparrow. Here's the best description I found to explain how great he was: "Depp absolutely makes this film happen with his hilarious performance as the mascara-sporting, wobble-legged drunken pirate channeling a drag queen through the rhythm and manner of The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards." ( http://www.joblo.com/piratesofthecaribbean.htm/ ). I respect this movie a lot more than T3, so I'm not even going to give spoilers (since the only point in that would be to convince people NOT to see it because it's too poor of a movie, and just read what I have to say to show how bad it is). I'm just going to say that I enjoyed it, and think everyone should go see it.

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