OK, I saw Terminator 3 a few days ago, and I am so disappointed by it. It's always great watching Arnold (pronounced "Ah-nold") run around shooting and beating the hell out of everything and everyone, but the movie just seemed like filler. T1 and T2 were amazing movies. They each had stand-alone plots, great action, and great lines. T3 seems like it was just created to bridge the gap between T2 and T4 (it's plot just consists of "Let's run here, NO, here! NO, here!" and then ends with global nuclear destruction and an easy entrance for a T4). What annoys me the most, though, is how the "TX" (wasn't that the name of my calculator?...) isn't a better terminator. They make this big deal like how she can control other machines and has a gun for an arm that she's an "anti-terminator terminator," but she's a POS. I mean, c'mon... look at what they've done here... they've gone from the T-1000 molten-metal terminator of T2, the most AMAZING villain I know of in any movie, and taken a step BACK from that by creating this new TX. At the end of the movie, she gets hit by a helicopter, and gets absolutely DEVASTATED by it... all her armor stuff melts off, and she has to pull her legs off to go chase after John. It had to be the most pathetic defeat I've ever seen (compare it to T-1000, who takes grenades to the chest, freezing and shattering, and then pulls back together like it's nothing). It seems like they made her a crappy terminator just so they could make the plot work (like if they made her a step up from the T-1000, she'd just be too good to be stopped, and instead just made her a step down, and used hype to make her seem better, just so Arnold could smash her up). And the "morph" thing where she takes the form of something she touches? It's just retarded. They use it twice in the whole movie... like they just made this new skill up so they could fill some plot gaps. And Arnold says she has to TOUCH whatever she changes into, but in the CRS Skynet headquarters place she morphs into Katherine without having come into contact with her (although I feel like such a retard for pointing out a technicality, I felt it had to be said). The only use to this movie was creating a half-assed filler between T2 and T4 (which you know will be made eventually... though as a friend said, "Maybe by the time Arnold is 90"). I can't even picture a role for Arnold in a T4... I can't imagine how they could fit him into any kind of plot now that there's going to be a million generic terminators running around killing people. I anticipate that T4 will be an impressive movie, but with the awful script they used for T3, I hope some new management steps in to assure a good quality finale to the Terminator series.

"You may be a retard, but the TX DID touch Katherine.
In the parking lot when the TX is asking for John Connor."

This is probably true, so i concede my retardedness on this point, but still think it's a really crappy ability.

I also was reminded of another annoyance in the movie, how Katherine, for the first HALF of the entire movie, just tries to escape and flails about and it takes her SHOOTING ARNOLD IN THE HEAD to realize "Hey, he's really a machine." If I recall T2 correctly, when they find the leader guy of the terminator project (the black guy, they break into his house), and he's skeptical, John just says something like, "Show him," and Arnold cuts all the skin off his arm to show that he's a machine (a little bit of overkill, but hey, it woulda been a better idea with Katherine instead of dragging her skeptical ass everywhere).

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Comment You may be a retard, but the TX DID touch Katherine. In the parking lot when the TX is asking for John Connor.

Tue Jul 8, 2003 9:47 am MST by Anonymous

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