Last Days 

Last Days

Graduation practice today, graduation tomorrow. It better not rain... I've been to graduation every year since I was a freshman (with the band or with honor guard) and it's always been a beautiful, sunny day. This summer has been such crap so far, it has rained every weekend for the past 7 weeks or so, and ruined a lot of state matches for sports teams, practices for drum corps, and graduation parties (like the one I was at today, supposed to be a pool party... RAIN, DENIED.). My speech is all set tho... and my uncle and all three cousins are coming from upstate New York to see my graduation. And if it rains, we hold it inside, with limited space, so they won't be able to see it. I don't care if it rains, I'll stay outside. Graduation in a gym, especially one with our ghetto non-padded ceilings (terrible echo), just isn't the same. It feels like something you might see for an elementary school graduation.

Anyways, in other news... Ashley and I broke up. Long distance relationship not working, too busy to go and see her (Hurcs on weekends, and graduation parties, activities, etc. whenever I'm not at Hurcs). She never came down to visit me either, always seemed like I had to go visit her, when I can't leave home for an extended time or miss a whole bunch of crap.

In other news, I plan to ask Crystal out... Now, unlike Mark, who wrote a TERM PAPER masked in secrecy to explain that he likes a girl, I'm just gonna say it. for that amazing show of stupidity (in my eyes).

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